Our Investment Approach

AXA Mansard Investments’ investment approach involves establishing our clients’ investment objectives; conducting thorough research and analysis of the investment environment and available appropriate investment opportunities; conducting asset allocation and portfolio constructions as may be appropriate; undertaking post investment management and exiting the chosen investment instrument, when appropriate, to deliver superior returns to our investors.


Investment Objectives
A client’s investment objectives will centre around their investment horizon, their risk tolerance and their return expectations. This will enable us to profile a prospective customer as a conservative, balanced or aggressive investor and proffer investment solution accordingly.


Research and Analysis
We gather and evaluate business and general market data using analytical and logical methodologies, to ensure we can form a holistic picture of our investment opportunity.


Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction
In an attempt to balance risk versus reward, the percentage holding of assets in the portfolio is adjusted according to the investors’ risk tolerance, goals and investment time frame. Our portfolios are constructed taking all these in consideration and are optimized to exceed our customer expectations.


Post Investment Management & Performance Analysis
AXA Mansard Investments undertakes to constantly monitor the performance of our client’s investments with us both in absolute terms and as against relevant benchmarks so as to ensure the best possible performance.


Exit and Superior Returns to Investors
We seek to constantly deliver superior returns to our customers, by exceeding set benchmarks or market indices. We aim to make our customers excel in terms of capital appreciation, dividends, interest, etc. We ensure that we utilize only exceptional agents who can ensure quick entry and exit from investments positions.