Environmental and Social Management System

In line with our mission statement, which requires us to test our activities with standards of excellence, the company has implemented a robust Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS). The essence of our policy approach is to ensure that all projects or transactions which the Company is executing, underwriting and funding comply with our environmental and social commitments, as well as with other applicable local and international standards.

Aside from the above requirements, and in pursuit of the Company’s mission of being “the leading African financial services provider, delivering superior solutions to our customers while exceeding stakeholders’ expectations”, it behooves us to take a more serious look at the environmental and social impacts and risks potentially associated with our business activities.

We recognize that we are undertaking an incremental journey and that we will be learning as we go. We recognize further that we are the first insurance company in Nigeria to begin this journey.  Our clients business and project is subjected to ESMS review annually.  This is with a view to ensuring that clients’ business practices have limited or no environmental & social impact and that their processes continue to function efficiently and effectively, such that changes in relevant environmental standards are reflected in the ESMS. We also ensure strict adherence to procedures laid out in the ESMS policy by the Company and its employees, and that the ESMS is further developed to cover the entire spectrum of our products and services.

We are proud to be the first Nigerian Insurance Company to implement an ESMS which would enable us to achieve superior shareholder performance through environmentally and socially sustainable operations.