Group Personal Accident

Group Personal Accident provides for demise, permanent and temporary disability benefits to employees as a result of accident during the course of employment. It is designed to improve the welfare of employees as well as reduce the financial strain on the organization in the event of accident, demise or bodily injury to a member of staff.

The policy also provides cover on 24-hours basis and benefits are expressed as multiples of salaries. Cover extends to weekly benefits in the event of temporary disability resulting from bodily injury to the insured person as well as certain allowances for expenses incurred on medical treatment. Demise or injuries from natural causes are not covered.

To enable us give a quote on this policy, we would require the following information:

1. Total Number of Employees
2. Estimated Annual Salaries
3. Multiple of Salary required for Demise or Permanent Disability
4. Nature of Job
5. Limit per capita for Medical Expenses
6. Overall pricing will depend on the nature of your business.