Home Insurance

Everyone needs to insure his/her home and property against the risk of fire, theft, flood e.t.c. Whether you own a house, live in a rented apartment or you are sharing with friends or family, you need to secure your goods and property. Home insurance is a comprehensive policy that covers fire, flooding and burglary.


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There are two basic types of Home Insurance: Householders and Homeowners.


Householders Insurance
This covers the moveable contents of a house such as furniture, clothes, electronics, e.t.c. It also covers the loss of rent or the additional cost of alternative accommodation if the home is made uninhabitable.


An additional rate for other moveable valuables such as jewelry, laptop, ipad and mobile phones is applicable.


Cover Includes:

1. Damage/Loss to home contents as a result of fire.
2. Damage/Loss to home contents as a result of theft/burglary.
3. Damage to home contents occasioned by flooding and allied perils.
4. Damage/loss of personal possession such as laptop, mobile phone, jewelry.
5. No-claims bonus of 5% of 3 years' cumulative premium.
6. Cost of alternative accommodation to the insured in the event of the building being rendered uninhabitable by the insured peril up to a limit of N50,000.


Homeowners Insurance
This protects you against damage to the structure of the home including fixtures, fittings, together with garages and sheds.


Cover Includes:

1. Structural damage to the building as a result of Fire, Lightning, Explosion or Allied Perils.
2. Loss of rental income as a result of fire up to a limit of 10% of sum insured on building.
3. Insured personal liabilities to the public as owner or occupier of the building in respect to bodily injury or damage to property up to a limit of N200,000.
4. Compensation for the demise of the insured as a result of the occurrence of  the insured peril up to N200,000.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How much do I need to insure my home?
A. You should insure your home for what it would cost to rebuild your home if it is destroyed.

Q: What is the claim settlement time frame?
A: Once a claim is verified, a discharge voucher will be forwarded to you immediately. You will get your settlement cheque 24hrs after submission of the executed discharge voucher.

Q: Where can I buy?
A. Guaranty Trust Bank plc branches and select FCMB branches nationwide.
B.  AXA Mansard Welcome Centres nationwide.
C. Call: 0700 626 7273, 01-270 1560-5
D. www.axamansard.com