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What is AXA Mansard Health Plan?

AXA Mansard Health Plans are designed to offer you access to high quality health. There are

  • The Group and employees plans and
  • The Personal and Family plans.

How much does a AXA Mansard Health Plan cost?

The cost will be determined by the health plan you choose.

What factors determine my choice of a AXA Mansard Health Plan?

Your choice of an AXA Mansard health plan will be determined by the cover benefits relevant to you, affordability, and health provider network

Can you tell us which are your most comprehensive plans and which are your entry-level plans?

All plans are comprehensive; we have a bouquet with the right plan to meet your needs. The most comprehensive plans are the Platinum and the Gold plans; the entry level plans are the Bronze and Silver plans

Can I change my plan type?

Yes you can change your plan type at the renewal of your policy which is annually

Is there installment payments?

 No, the health plan cannot be paid for in installments.

Is electronic payment accepted?

Yes it is, please click on the link below.

What is the minimum period of coverage I can subscribe for?

The minimum period of coverage is 1 year.

Where do I get copies of enrollment forms?

Copies of the AXA Mansard Health enrollment are available on the website, our customer care or at any of our welcome centers.

How long does it take to access care after enrollment?

There is a 2 (two) week administrative wait period to allow for policy document and ID card production on the personal and family plan. Access to care is Immediate on the group and employee plan

How many people does the family plan cover on the group and employee plans?

The family plan covers an individual, a spouse, and four children under the age of 23. Total of six (6) persons.

Can I get maternity cover if I join while pregnant?

Yes, maternity cover is provided on the Group and Employee plan if you join while pregnant.   However, on the AXA Mansard Health Personal and Family Plans, access to maternity cover and neonatal services is available after you have been on the plan for 2 years.

How can I apply for dental cover? Are there any special conditions?

Dental cover is provided on the AXA Mansard Health plans.

Will my plan cover cosmetic surgery?

No, the health plans do not cover cosmetic surgery.

Am I covered for medical emergencies?

Yes, you are covered for emergency stabilization on all plans. A medical emergency is an accidental injury or the sudden and unexpected onset of a condition requiring immediate medical or surgical care.

In the event of an emergency, can I use another health care provider?

Yes, you can receive care at another health care provider if there is none in network provider near you; you should contact the HMO through the customer care lines to inform them and for assistance.

For how many days can a patient be admitted in the hospital?

As long as in-patient care is required, there is no admission limit on the AXA Mansard health plan.

What are the approved family planning methods that are covered?

The following Family planning methods are covered; oral pills, injectable, implants, and IUCD.

Is my child covered for immunization?

Yes, the AXA Mansard health plan provides immunization cover for children under the age of 5. However, newborns will need to be registered to be covered after the neonatal period. Limits apply on the different plan types.

Which plan do I purchase for a family of 4?

For a family of 4, you can purchase the Personal and Family plan.

Can I access care without my Identification card?

Yes, you can access care without your identification card, a letter of introduction to the hospital would be mailed to you prior to the delivery of your HMO card Please contact our customer care center for assistance.

Do you have any plan that covers me when I am abroad?

Yes, you can access care in countries outside Nigeria on the AXA Mansard International Health Plan except in US and Canada. Please click this link for details.

Can I be evacuated from a hospital to a specialist hospital if necessary?

Yes, Evacuation from one hospital will be provided based on need.

What is the process for Group and Employee enrollment?

  • Agree on benefit package to be purchased
  • Agree on premium to be paid
  • Agree on terms of contract
  • Fill out application forms after choosing hospital from our list of providers
  • Make payment to AXA Mansard Health
  • Return duly filled forms with passport picture of all principal insured and their dependents
  • Give moratorium period of two weeks for:


  1. Production of ID cards
  2. Dispatch of cards and policy documents to all registered enrollees
  3. Receipt of enrollee list by hospitals

Does the renewal paperwork require signatures from the broker or the agent, if there are no changes other than the renewal rates?

No, the renewal paper does not require the broker’s or Agent’s signature.

What are the enrollment deadlines for a new group?

There are currently no deadlines for the Enrolment process. Access to care is immediate.

What is the length of cover an enrollee is entitled to?

The health plan is renewed annually; enrollees are covered for a year.

Can I access care while travelling outside my usual area of residence?

Yes, you can access care while travelling within your health plan coverage area; you can visit any hospital on our provider network. You may also receive care at hospitals outside our network in an emergency or if there is no in- network hospital available

A list of AXA Mansard Health providers is available on our website and from the customer care center

You should contact the HMO within 72 hours of using an out- of- network hospital to ensure adequate care provision and as a requirement for out- of- pocket payment reimbursement.

How do I find out if I can take another drug in place of one that's not covered?

Information on drugs and medication is provided by the prescribing physician.  Please contact our customer care team for further enquiries or assistance.

Are HIV drugs covered under my plan?

Yes, HIV management and drugs are provided under all our plan types at designated specialist centers.

How many people does the family plan cover?

The family plan covers an individual, a spouse, and four children under the age of 23.

What services is my baby covered for on the AXA Mansard Health Plan?

Newborn babies on the AXA Mansard Health plan receive care under the mother’s cover up to the specified limit for each plan type. Babies should be registered soon after birth to receive care after the neonatal period.

In addition to their benefits coverage, babies on the AXA Mansard Health plan receive immunization, well-baby checks at their primary care provider.

What pediatric services are provided under the AXA Mansard Health Plan?

Medical care for children is provided by the general practitioner, children requiring specialist care will be referred to the appropriate specialist pediatrician.

What about adolescent services?

Adolescents are children between the age of 13- 18. Their primary health services are provided for by the general practitioner and specialist care by the appropriate specialist pediatrician.

Where do I send my complaints?

You send in your complaints by calling our customer care representative on

01 4606655 -01 4606659 or sending an e-mail to healthcare@axamansard.com

What should I do if I want to give feedback or report any concerns?

You may e-mail AXA Mansard Health at healthcare@axamansard.com or call our customer care service on 01 4606655- 014606659 for immediate assistance.

How can I apply for maternity cover? Are there any special conditions?

On the AXA Mansard Health Personal and Family Plans, access to maternity cover and neonatal services is available after you have been on the plan for 2 years.

Please call our contact center for more information or click on the link below for a quote.

How can I apply for dental cover? Are there any special conditions?

Dental cover is provided on the AXA Mansard Health plans.

How to get to a dentist as the hospital I registered in does not have a resident dentist, and I need to have a tooth extracted.

You will be referred to a dental clinic within our network. Contact our customer care center for assistance.

How often will my plan replace crowns, bridges and other devices?

Crowns, bridges and other devices are termed as Cosmetic Surgery/Dental prosthesis and are covered on some of our plans. Contact our customer care centre for assistance

What is the difference between a health insurance cover and out - of -pocket payment?

The HMO provides health insurance cover for predetermined services and pays for your health care needs while the out-of-pocket payment method requires that you pay for your health care services at the point of utilization.

When will I receive my ID card?

You should receive your ID card in 2 weeks after enrollment. In the event you do not receive your card within this time, you can still access care at the health care provider. Call our customer care center if you require assistance.

Can a group upgrade medical and/or dental at a time other than renewal if the group has grown?

No, changes can only be made at renewal as plans run for a full year.

Can a group downgrade to a less expensive product at a time other than its normal renewal date?

No, changes can only be made at renewal which is annually.

Is my personal health information secure?

Yes your personal health information is confidential.

Who has access to my personal health information?

Only your health care provider and medical personnel directly involved with your care have access to your personal health information.

Do I need a referral to see a specialist physician?

Yes, Specialist referral will be provided by your primary care provider and authorized by the HMO when needed.

How can I locate a Hospital, Doctor and Health Practitioner?

A list of our contracted providers can be found in the resources tab on the home page.

How do I choose my health care provider?

We have a wide network of providers, we advise that you choose a health care provider near where you live or work. In the event of an emergency, you can access care from any provider from within and outside our network. Our contact center is available 24 hours daily to help you with your choice of a health provider.

How do I know which hospitals are affiliated with AXA Mansard Health Plans?

A list of providers in the AXA Mansard Health network, and their contact details is available in the resources tab on our website. You may also speak with one of our customer care officers on 01 4606655 -01 4606659