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1.What exactly does AXA Mansard Investments do?

We are investment and portfolio managers and we invest on behalf of both AXA Mansard Insurance plc and an increasing number of third party clients in various investment instruments across the money, fixed income, equity and property markets.

2. Do we offer Loan Facilities?

We do not offer loan or credit facilities.

3. How is AXA Mansard Investment able to get such high interest rates?

As a result of the large amount of funds we control and our exceptional relationships with various banks and financial organizations, we are able to negotiate better rates than would be available to most individual investors.

4. What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is N100, 000.00 for our generic products and N1,000,000.00 for our customized portfolio.

5. Are there any penalties for the early withdrawal of my funds?

Different investment products attract different penalties upon early withdrawal. Where applicable, the penalty will most often be based upon the amount withdrawn and not the whole amount of funds under management.

6. What is AXA Mansard Investments Limited’s relationship with AXA Mansard Insurance?

We are a subsidiary of AXA Mansard Insurance plc.

7. What is your management fee charge?

We have different fees for different investment products but our fees often vary between 1.25% and 1.75% per annum.

8. Is VAT charged on our investments?

There is no VAT or withholding tax charge on our investment products.

9. What is the procedure for withdrawing my funds?

Visit our website, download and fill the liquidation form and send it to us at mil@AXA Mansardinvestments.com and your account will be credited within 48hrs.

10. What is the ‘current value’ of my investment?

Depending on the type of investment product, the current value would be the current rate the investment is performing.

11. How do I monitor my investment?

Send us an email requesting for your account statement at mil@AXA Mansardinvestments.com and your statement would be sent to you.

12. How do I make additional payments?

Send an email at mil@AXA Mansardinvestments.com requesting for our account details and thereafter, you can walk into any GTBank branch or a make a bank transfer to our account.

13. How are you sure that this investment is safe?

Given our track record, experience and expertise, we ensure that our customers’ investments are invested with the utmost care, noting the type of investment the client is willing to invest in.

14. I observed my name was wrongly spelt on my investment letter and account?

Simply send us a mail at mil@AXA Mansardinvestments.com highlighting the error and the corrections will be made immediately. Alternatively, you may visit our website and fill in the form on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

15. Are we formerly GTBank Asset Management?

No, we were not. We were formerly Assur Asset Management Limited, a subsidiary of Guaranty Trust Assurance plc.

16. Do I get a personal account number?

No you do not. You would get a portfolio ID number with us.

17. Is the rate guaranteed?

No, we do not offer guaranteed rates of return on any of our products. However, we are often able to give indicative expected rates of return on some of our products.

18. If I withdraw what happens to the rest of my account balance?

Depending on the investment product, interest is accrued on a daily basis on the balance even after the withdrawal is made.

19. Does your company engage in joint venture projects?

Rarely, however, these may be applicable in some cases.