Plan B

With Plan B, buying life Insurance is simple and straight forward. You only pay premium once for the entire cover period.

Life Savings

Enjoy superior yield on your savings plus a free life insurance cover.

Travel Insurance

Now you can travel with peace of mind as we provide you full protection.

EduPlan Plus

With AXA Mansard EduPlan Plus insurance, you can build up funds to finance the education of your children/wards.

Are you looking for comprehensive, third party or fire and theft insurance cover?
Would you like to have your motor claims (accidents only) settled in 48 hours?
How about a premium refund of 5% of 3 years cumulative premium?
How about a FREE car tracking device or FREE excess buy back?

You can enjoy these and much more with our AXA Mansard Motor Plans:
  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party Fire & Theft
  • Third Party

A life insurance policy pays out the insured amount as a tax free lump sum in the event of demise or permanent disability (by extension at a minimal cost). AXA Mansard Life Plan will pay to your named beneficiary, the benefit of your policy (sum assured) in the event of your demise or directly to you in the event of your permanent disability to take care of your medical needs.

These are unique products combining our life cover with a savings plan. They are specifically designed in accordance with AXA Mansard's perception of your needs.
The need to respond to current yearnings of individuals toward diverse investment opportunities within the retail market cannot be overemphasized. This class of unique products combining our life cover with savings. They are designed to meet specific needs of the targeted market.

Designed to provide financial security for a business. It is one of the most important investments a business owner can make. Commercial insurance can be instrumental in protecting a business from potential loss caused by unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances.

The future is closer than you think and so is retirement, it can creep in on you unexpectedly! Protect yourself against financial burden during the non-earning years.
Annuity is a contract between an individual and a life insurance company, whereby in return for a sum of money the company undertakes to provide a lifetime income for the individual at retirement.

AXA Mansard Pensioners' Annuity

Annuity + Whole Life 
Guaranteed Annuity 
Annuity + Spouses Annuity