Education Trust Portfolio

The Education Trust Account is a targeted savings and investment account for children’s education, which incorporates a trust.

Our Profile

AXA Mansard Investments Limited is a multi-expert asset management company within the AXA Mansard Group, a leader in financial protection and wealth management. We are duly registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria (SEC) as Fund/Portfolio Managers. We provide both local and global investment solutions for a wide variety of clients, leveraging the talent of our Fund Managers as well as our ability to access a comprehensive range of opportunities spanning all asset classes.

In an increasingly volatile environment, we continue to build on our experience of working within the AXA Group to provide institutional and private clients with cutting edge solutions. Our teams of experts are focused on specific asset classes where we believe we can add real value for our clients. They design and execute tailor-made strategies grounded on an objective and independent assessment of our market opportunities and clients' constraints, with a focus on performance, liquidity and capital preservation.

We also believe that Responsible Investing can help deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients over the long term. We incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in our fundamental research and consider them carefully in taking investment decisions. This is part of how we redefine investment solutions.


Investment Approach

AXA Mansard Investment Limited's investment approach involves establishing our clients’ investment objectives; conducting thorough research and analysis of the investment environment and available/appropriate investment opportunities; conducting asset allocation and portfolio constructions as may be appropriate; undertaking post investment management and exiting the chosen investment instrument, when appropriate, to deliver superior returns to our investors and leveraging on the broader AXA group.

Investment Objectives
A client’s investment objectives will center around their investment horizon, risk tolerance and return expectations which enables us proffer investment solution accordingly.

Research and Analysis
We gather and evaluate business and general market data using analytical and logical methodologies, to ensure we can form a holistic picture of our investment opportunity.

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction
In an attempt to balance risk versus reward, the percentage holding of assets in the portfolio is adjusted according to the investors’ risk tolerance, goals and investment time frame. Our portfolios are constructed taking all these in consideration and are optimized to exceed our customers expectations.

Post Investment Management & Performance Analysis
AXA Mansard Investments undertakes to constantly monitor the performance of our client’s investments with us both in absolute terms and as against relevant benchmarks so as to ensure the best possible performance.

Exit and Superior Returns to Investors
We seek to constantly deliver superior returns to our customers, by exceeding set benchmarks or market indices. We aim to make our customers excel in terms of capital appreciation, dividends, interest, etc. We ensure that we utilize only exceptional agents who can ensure quick entry and exit from investments positions.

Investment Management

Client’s needs differ. We take the time to get to know you and to listen carefully to your wealth planning challenges and goals.

We provide a comprehensive range of financial products as well as investment and portfolio management strategies, advice and solutions such as mutual funds, annuity portfolios (fixed and variable), asset allocation, and customized portfolios.

AXA Mansard's business extends from institutional investors to retail funds and private client wealth management while our wide range of investment capabilities include equity, bond and money market management as well as real estate investment funds.

We also offer customized short-duration fixed income strategies with the ability to run customized mandates in accordance with client risk profiles. Our equity strategies are based on fundamental research and quantitative analysis applied by experienced managers.

Our institutional investors are confident that AXA Mansard understands their unique needs. We work with them to provide the specialized, professional management required to meet and exceed their financial objectives.

Investment Management For Individuals
AXA Mansard's service for private clients is based on four key principles
1. A focus on absolute returns
2. Access to the best fund managers
3. A proper respect for risk, and
4. Excellence in reporting and communication

The team is committed to providing the highest service levels, communicating promptly and clearly with clients. Our service to you will as such always feature a unique combination of global sophistication with excellent local capabilities.


Risk Management

We are advocates for sound and robust risk management practices. With a clear focus founded on strong risk management practice, we seek to maximize clients’ returns with minimal risk. To complement our desire to foster our fund managers' freedom, AXA Mansard Investments Limited has established compliance and monitoring systems that are central to our operating philosophy. As a result operational risks relating to the investment of client portfolios are minimized. We continually seek the optimal balance between risk control, investment manager freedom and client wealth creation. We also help organizations establish risk management frameworks to meet their needs.