Risk Management

Risk Management
We are an advocate for sound and robust risk management practices. With a clear focus founded on strong risk management practice, we seek to maximize clients’ returns with minimal risk. To complement our desire to foster our fund managers' freedom, AXA Mansard Investments Limited has established compliance and monitoring systems that are central to our operating philosophy. As a result operational risks relating to the investment of client portfolios are minimized. We continually seek the optimal balance between risk control, investment manager freedom and client wealth creation. We also help organizations establish risk management frameworks to meet their needs.

Other Services

1. Brokerage – We use a carefully selected list of brokers to get best execution of trades at very low costs.
2. Investment Planning, Risk Management & Asset Protection
3. Private Trusts and Foundation Services – SPVs set up to manage and protect assets against financial mishaps, excessive taxes, spendthrift family members, marital or family breakdowns, mismanagement of business ventures and contingent creditors.