Education Trust Fund

Education Trust Portfolio

AXA Mansard Education Trust Account affords you the opportunity to invest such that a child will have the best education at their disposal when necessary and a chance of a secure future. It operates on a model which incorporates you targeted school fees, projected returns, cost outlays, inflation, number of years for savings, etc. All these are utilized to arrive at the required investment outlay for the child’s education. Parents may decide to contribute a lump sum amount, or installments (monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly) or a combination of both. If started early enough, contributions can be moderate, with significant impact in the years when required.

Where a Trust structure is adopted, funds will be disbursed directly to the designated school (s) towards the beneficiary’s education according to the terms of the Trust.

Benefits of the Trust include:

•    Superior returns on investment
•  Enables parents achieve quality education for their children through disciplined savings and investment plans
•    Positions the portfolio to benefit significantly from compelling long-term growth themes