Education Protection


Are you aware that you have the power to guarantee your child's education even when you are no longer around or able to pay?


Did you know that it could cost you N5million or more to educate a child in Nigeria?


Did you know that the most common cause of child illiteracy is not lack of education, but poor quality of education which can be as a result of the demise of fee paying parent(s)?


With EduPlan, your child does not face these uncertainties because the product guarantees the completion of the child's education upon the demise or accidental permanent physical incapacitation of the fee paying parent.



The plan also provides a medical expense cover for the child for injuries sustained whilst engaged in school related activities on the school premises.

EduPlan will ensure that your child continues to enjoy qualitative education without any interruption even in the worst possible circumstance.


For an extra charge, we will also extend cover to the non-fee paying parent.

• It is a simple policy designed solely to cater for a child / ward’s Education
• Upon the demise or permanent disablement of the fee paying parent (Life Assured) the school fees is paid directly to the school until the sum assured is exhausted or completion of the child’s education, whichever is earlier.
• Single Premium
• Fixed Sum Assured
• Fixed Premium


• Guaranteed payment of fees and other educational requirements
• Medical cover - N50, 000 per annum
• Benefit is paid directly to the school
• The premium is tax deductible
• The benefit is tax free
• Installment premium payment allowed