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5 Great Gifts You Should Get Your Loved Ones This Valentine’s

February, the month of love as generally celebrated, is enriched with many acts of affection, as people take time to express how they feel for others. Typically, it is focused on intimate love between a man and a woman, but over the years this concept has evolved, proving that love is meant for everyone - love to your spouse, children, parents, siblings and friends.


It has become traditional and somewhat cliché to offer flowers and chocolates. It then begs the question, how can one show real dedication to loved ones this season? At AXA Mansard, we have come up with a few ideas that would bring that extra meaning to Valentine’s Day giving without breaking the savings jar.



1)    Get “bae” AutoFlex Motor Insurance

Be the “Boo” every “Bae” wants. Protect him/her with AutoFlex!
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2)    Buy her/him an AXA Mansard Investment Gift Card

Get a gift that won’t stop growing; give your loved one a strong savings foundation.

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3)    Get AXAMansard Eduplan for your children

Have you ever thought of that gift that would secure your children’s future forever? With AXA Mansard EduPlan, your child’s future is protected.
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4)    Get Health Insurance for your family

When they are strong, so are you! Remember the greatest wealth is health.  
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5)    Home Insurance to protect your valuables

Who says you can’t ‘val’ yourself too? Better still ‘val’ the whole family…protect your home!
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Remember, as much as they want a show of your love this month, they want an assurance of your dedication always!


Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.