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How To Choose Between A New Car And A Used Car


The time has finally come, to get rid of the old car to make way for a new motor. What car should you buy? Should you buy a new car or a used car? These are the questions that can make a car purchase a long-winded process. Buying a used car could be cheaper and easier, whereas buying a new car could be more expensive and a much longer process. There are pros and cons to both options and ultimately it’s your decision which way you want to go. Here is some information to help you choose which option is best for you.


Used Car

When buying a car, you always have to be prepared for the value to drop, as the car gets older. Buying a used car is the cheaper way to go. As its been used by someone before hand, the value of the car drops and instantly becomes a more affordable figure. Not only are used cars cheaper, you also have a wider range to choose from, as your money will stretch a lot further.


After owning a car for a year, its bound to depreciate in value, but its slightly different for second hand cars. Second hand cars don’t tend to loose much value after a year of ownership. In some cases, you may not loose any value and could make all your money back. On the other hand, if you were to buy a new car, it will loose its value almost as soon as you drive away from the dealership.


It’s said that buying a used car is a risk as problems are bound to pop up and will cause a dent in your pocket. In this day and age with the extended warranty, you won’t have to worry, as any major problems with it will be covered in the warranty. If problems arise with new cars, they tend to surface within the first few years. This is a good thing for people who purchase used cars as most of the problems would have been sorted by then and you will have a car that is working properly.


Buying a second hand car means you have no choice on extras for the car, essentially you are buying the car as it is. This is not always a bad thing, as extras at the dealership can sometimes be pricey.  You can also buy the extras second hand and it tends to be cheaper then what the dealership would charge you.


The down side to purchasing a used car is the uncertainty of its history. It has become very common for people to fiddle around with the mileage of the cars, as it will keep the value of the car higher. If your buying a used car, it is essential that you thoroughly check through all the documents and ensure that the car is as it’s advertised.


New Cars

Buying a brand new car can be an exciting experience, with the brand new car smell and the showroom shine on the paintwork. The feeling of being the first person to drive the car on road is unforgettable. Dealerships have amazing deals nowadays that it makes it hard not to get a new car.

Buying a new car means you have the option to make the car exactly how you want. Used cars are on what you see is what you get basis, but with new cars, you can personalize it to your exact specifications. Starting from what wheels and engine size you want, to the colour of stitching you want on your seats.


The newest cars are usually more economical than older cars. Manufacturers are constantly working on how to make their cars better, safer and more economical. So chances are that the newest car will get your further and will cost you less to run.


Although some used cars may come with warranty, buying a new car will guarantee you a smooth reliable car. You can have a piece of mind that you will get the standard warranty that comes for at least the three years of ownership. In some cases you may even have up to seven years warranty and have that extra piece of mind. If anything was to go wrong with the car, you can take it straight back to the manufacturer and have it fixed free off charge.


Buying a new car might sound very appealing but with sometimes up to 25% drop in value as soon as you drive off the lot, it can put you off slightly. Losing up to 25% of its value within the first couple of years of owning the car is massive and you have to think, if it’s even worth the loss. Not only will you make a guaranteed loss on the price of the car, you also have to think about the interest that you will pay on top of the original price of the car. That’s a lot of money to lose over a new car smell.


Whether you choose a new or used car, always make sure you have the adequate motor insurance to protect it as well as yourself.