Savings & Investments

These are unique products combining our life cover with a savings plan. They are specifically designed in accordance with AXA Mansard's perception of your needs.

  • The need to respond to current yearnings of individuals toward diverse investment opportunities within the retail market cannot be overemphasized.
  • This class of unique products combining our life cover with savings. They are designed to meet specific needs of the targeted market.

Life Savings

It gives you the opportunity to earn a better interest on your medium/long term savings than the ordinary savings account

Life Plus

With the Life Plus, you have the opportunity to build up capital for yourself over a period of time

EduPlan Plus

With the EduPlan Plus insurance, you can build up funds to finance the education of your children/wards.

AXA Mansard Funds

AXA Mansard Funds are investment-linked products that have been designed to help you save money according to your needs